Depend on Parke Public Warehousing


parke warehouses employee using the barcode scanner to recognize product in the warehouse from his mobile forklift

Beginning as a Livery Service in 1854, Parke Warehouses has capitalized on an excellent location and access to transportation to become Central Illinois' premier warehousing service company. Central to the Parke Value Proposition is providing the highest quality services. Customers benefit through extremely low error rates, reduced product damage, and competitive pricing. We employ 76 people with an average experience of over 10 years. We believe that hiring, training and retaining quality employees is the key to providing quality service. Our customers benefit through low error rates, minimal product damage, and the competitive pricing that results from efficient operation.


Responsive Service

a Parke employee sits at a desk using a computer to ensure proper order fulfillment

Depend on Parke to quickly ship complete and accurate orders. Our modern WMS (Warehouse Management System) supports EDI communication of order information, RF barcode scanning for extremely accurate receiving, shipping, and inventory reporting, and a Customer Portal which allows you to view inventory, change orders, place emergency orders, and check order status. Parke Warehouses’ experienced, friendly staff will answer your inquiries without undue delay and respond quickly to customer emergencies.



a photo of the main entrance to the Parke Warehouses Mound Road facility

740,000 square feet (450,000 food-grade)
60 truck doors
6 rail doors on two lines (with reciprocal switching)
A wide variety of material handling equipment
Modern inventory and information management system