Parke Contract Warehousing

a parke employee used his forklift to load product through a truck bay door

Outsourcing warehousing and distribution services to Parke allows you to focus on your company’s core competencies by tapping into ours. You can transfer the risk of owning and maintaining distribution centers to us, while at the same time taking advantage of our experience and expertise. Shifting the burden of staffing and managing distribution center personnel turns fixed costs into variable costs, and still allows services to be customized to your specific needs, whether they are custom packaging, specialized delivery service requirements, or the need for services to be scaled based on market conditions such as seasonal or fluctuating demand.

a parke employee uses their warehouse lift to move product

Transportation is integrated into the Parke 3PL offerings through partnership with key LTL, parcel, and truckload common carriers, and by our access to the 3 Class I railroads, and the new Intermodal facility which serves Decatur.

a parke employee sits at a computer assisting in 3rd party logistics services
Outsource to Parke in order to:

  • Focus on your company's core competencies by tapping into ours
  • Transfer the risk of owning real estate & distribution centers
  • Customize services and packaging to your specific needs
  • Shift the burden of staffing and managing personnel
  • Scale services based on current market conditions
  • Dictate your special delivery service requirements
  • Take advantage of our distribution expertise